Behavioral Phenotyping [Core D]

Directors - Sarika Peters, Ph.D., Fiona Harrison, Ph.D., Mark Wallace, Ph.D.


Objectives are to provide investigators with core facilities and services to support biomedical research; to facilitate interdisciplinary neuroscience collaborations; and to provide access to emerging technologies.


  • Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping

    Provides VKC investigators with access to and training in modern behavioral phenotyping methods through the Vanderbilt Murine Neurobehavioral Laboratory.
  • Neurochemistry

    Services include various analytical assays, including HPLC/MS methods for measurement of neurotransmitters, biogenic amines, amino acids, and other neurochemicals. Furthermore, we provide consultations and training to our investigators.
  • Molecular Neurobiology and Genomics

    Provides equipment, methodology consultation, and reagents that assist in the introduction of transgenes for transient transfection, and in the localization of transgene and endogenous gene products.
  • Scientific Instrumentation

    Design and construction of specialized scientific research equipment.

Key Personnel