Administrative Services [Core A]

Director - Jeffrey Neul, M.D., Ph.D.


The primary objectives of Administrative Core A are to:

  • Provide scientific leadership and administrative/financial oversight of the research cores and project.
  • Facilitate multidisciplinary research, recruit new researchers to the IDDRC, and maintain an educational environment to engage investigators, trainees, and community stakeholders.
  • Communicate and disseminate IDDRC activities targeted to specific diverse stakeholder audiences.

The core provides the following services to meet the overall core objectives: (a) Center administration and governance, (b) fiscal and resource management, (c) space and facilities, (d) training and education, (e) graphics and technical services, (f) communication and dissemination, (f) implementation science consultation. With Vanderbilt University Medical Center support, the core also provides grant development services and services related to philanthropy.


  • Center Administration and Governance

    Center administration, core oversight, and governance.
  • Fiscal and Resource Management

    Overall IDDRC fiscal and resource management. Administration of complex IDD-related grants and contracts, including personnel and purchasing. Administration of Hobbs Discovery Grants, Director's Strategic Priorities Grants, and other philanthropy.
  • Space and Facilities

    Physical maintenance, housekeeping, security, room reservation, parking. Allocation of VKC-administered space.
  • Training and Education

    Training and Education activities, e.g., lecture series, workshops, conferences. Administration of Travel Grants for Affiliates and IDDRC Collaborative Scholarships.
  • Graphics and Technical Services

    Graphics services for brochures, fliers, newsletters; journal figures; photography; illustrations; images and design for electronic and print media. IT services for specialized IDDRC-related needs.
  • Communication and Dissemination

    Communication activities include websites, social media, print materials, and dissemination database.
  • Implementation Science Consultations

    Consultative services to IDDRC investigators to develop plans for carrying out and evaluating implementation efforts.